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As SICC alumni, you are a part of a successful family of business professionals, entrepreneurs and we encourage you to stay in touch, to stay involved and to give back to your institution the love and reverence you feel.

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"People say college is just about getting a degree & succeeding in life. To me, it is all about creating memory and cherishing it.... SICC is a complete world in itself if you only need education goes to library....."


"An institution with a mandate to transform from being a temple of learning to a temple of holistic growth. A cocoon where every mind is nourished nurtured and neutralized to embrace the challenges of the world. The Infrastructural support integrated with indigenous teaching techniques make the institution an epitome of excellence, enlightenment and edification. The involvement of our Reverend Chairman, Respected Professors and Cherished Friends in Symposiums, Conclaves and several other arenas make the journey of eternal learning an celebratory experience. The institution has added to my accomplishments and achievements, I stand gratified for the same. I close with a wish to, always be able to serve my almameter."


SAI International College of Commerce & Economics (SICC), is a growing centre of excellence in commerce and economics in the state of Odisha. SICC, with its motto, "Vidya Dadati Samriddhi, is a place where knowledge meets perfection, holistic upbringing attains excellence and moral values are prioritized. The infrastructural facilities- a serene, calm and pious environment helps us to study and grow beyond classroom. A well maintained student faculty ratio and knowledgeable yet friendly faculty facilitates a learning environment which is fondly expressed as "SICC Experience" by students. The culture here inspires us to observe all the festivals, occasions with pomp and splendor and to stand tall and proud as aware citizens of the society. We are also provided with national and international exposure by means of several seminars, conclaves, industrial tours and trips. If you have a dream.. SICC is the best place to realize it.