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Introduction to SICC Business Conclave 2017

SICC (SAI International College of Commerce) Odisha’s leading undergraduate institution in commerce is proud to announce itssecond edition of Business and Management Festival – The SICC Business Conclave to be held at the college campus, on 24th and 25th of October 2017. SICC Business Conclave is an ensemble of business and management events with the objective of learning combined with fun. Undergraduate students from across the globe will participate in this annual extravaganza to outdo and out last the competition.

Innovation in business and management is all about discovering new and unprecedented ways to organise and lead. SICC Business Conclave looks forward at exploring ever widening horizons and surmounting greater heights. With a myriad of events spread across a plethora of domains, the conclave promises to be a platform which shall integrate young minds with challenging life problems. Corporate honchos, Academicians and Entrepreneurs will judge the competitions with an insight from the industry.

The whole event will be organised and managed by the students of SICC. From qualities of leadership, innovation, teamwork, honesty and excellent communication skills to a spirit that is unwavering even at turbulent times, SICC Business Conclave will take students closer and fosters the attributes much needed in their future endeavours. The entire cost of financing and running the event is done through a sponsorship drive organised by the students themselves. The SICC Business Conclave promises to be a journey more exciting and enthralling than any other and will bring out the real geek in any student.

SICC Business Conclave provides you a unique platform of diverse bouquet of events to select from depending upon a person’s interest and expertise. Spread over 2 days, Conclave presents to you a never-before-seen confluence of ideas and people.