Theatre and India share a long relation dating back to about 5000 years. We all love to be entertained. What could be more intelligent than mixing entertainment with an attempt to change the society?

Drama-O-Cratic is a special event of the SICC Business Conclave which associates with the corporate social responsibilities of a business. It is about the eradication of social evils by the efforts of a business firm. The contesting teams have to enact on a given social cause and depict how the business world caters to the same.

So if you feel that your voice can make a difference in the society, then pull up your socks and go ahead to inspire people; because some people are born to change the world!


Students pursuing the following courses shall be considered eligible for the competition:-

  • Std: 11th and 12th (Science,Commerce & Humanities)
  • B.Com and BBA


  • The event will take place in 2 rounds- Prelims and the Final round.
  • All the rounds will be held in the SICC campus.
  • Participating teams will need to qualify the Prelims to participate in the Final round


  • This is a team event and each team shall have not more than 5 members excluding instrumentalists (optional).
  • All the participants in each team shall belong to the same institution.
  • The time limit should be strictly adhered to.
  • Judging Criterion: 30 % - Content, 25 % - Acting/ Expression, 20 % - Audience Response, 15 % - Direction, 10 % - Miscellaneous Effects.
  • Teams are expected to perform at an open air venue.
  • Teams will have to bring their own instruments, if any.
  • Any instance of vulgarity or disturbing content of any order will lead to forceful halt of performance and immediate disqualification.
  • The jury’s decision will be final and binding.
  • The organizing team reserves the right to change or modify any of the rules

Participants are requested to follow the above mentioned rules and regulations seriously. Any form of deviation will not be complied with.

Prizes worth up to Rs.15000/- to be won

Keep checking the website for updates.


In case of any queries, feel free to contact:

Yasmin Ambari – +91 7008859778

SoyaamSamparna - +91 8763491631

Aditya Patnaik - +91 9658867237