Corporate Academic Interface

Academia - Industry Interface could be defined as interactive and collaborative arrangement between academic institutions and business corporations for the achievement of certain mutually inclusive goals and objectives. Today the industry is playing an increasingly important role in activities of academic institutions to nurture the talent they need. Hence we provide a unique platform for interaction between Industry - Academia, where in both the parties understand all the latest trends, keeping in view perceived benefits and accordingly prepare themselves with the skills required in a fast - changing global scenario.

The active modes of interface are project works, which the students have to carry as a part of their curriculum, guest lectures by industry experts, who come to the students to share the real time experiences and finally workshops & seminars.

SICC emphasizes on learning through experience. To make the students feel and realize the implications of class room learning in the operating field of industry, people from various companies are invited at frequent intervals to share their expertise and experience. The college also equally encourages students to participate in seminars and symposiums organized by professional bodies and institutions like CII, SEBI and TIE.

Our focus areas are:

  • Ensuring curriculum adaptation moves as fast as the pace of industry change
  • Relationship building with industry and career advisors
  • Developing effective "Learning Models"
  • Developing and implementing joint Academic – Industry Degree Models
  • Developing research-based teaching material
  • Alumni networking and developing broad based relationships
  • Mutual enabling approaches for capacity-building of the faculty, students and companies

The goal should be to broaden and expand students' knowledge base, thus making them particularly useful to potential employers. Both academia and industry must also work to increase awareness of the broad range of career paths to help prevent a shortage of qualified talent.