International Edge

Globalization affects many sectors of society and higher education is no exception. Campuses although geographically bound to one physical place now have the opportunity to expand and network beyond boundaries. Technology also enables professors and students access to a world of information previously available only at high costs and over long periods of time.

SAI International College of Commerce & Economics has been aware of its role in a larger international academic community. In pursuance of this, we have been reaching out to institutions in different parts of the country and world for collaborative programmes, research networks, student exchanges add-on courses and so on. SICC has an international edge that goes beyond the affiliated university curriculum. It is presented through: –

  • Partnerships with other world class institutions in the areas of both academics and non-academics
  • Emphasis on developing curriculum of international relevance
  • A close knitted community of students and staff
  • Mobility of opportunities to both students and staff