The two day sports meet at SICC the 3rd edition Olympics of SAI International College of Commerce closed with the valedictory ceremony on December 8, 2018 at the SICC ground. It was inaugurated on Friday, December 7, 2018, in the presence of Dr. Sandip Ghosh, Principal SICC. The two day event was nerve wracking and nail biting for the audience witnessing the athletic and track events. It was none less than a two day roller coaster ride.

On the opening Dr. Ghosh hoisted the School flag. The third year students lighted the Olympic Torch and passed it to the Principal, the flame of the torch represents “endeavor for protection and struggle for victory”. The various competitions fostered friendship, freedom, happiness, discipline and a feeling of togetherness amongst the students.

On the last day the winners were presented mementos. The sports Champion’s Trophy for Boys and Girls category was awarded to Subham Mohapatra and Preetisha Mohapatra respectively.

The closing was formally announced after the national anthem and lowering the SICC flag with a promise to continue the tradition of annual sports meet with the true spirit of sportsmanship in the years to come.

Winners of the various track and athletic events were:

100mtrs Boys/Girls

1st position: Subham Mohapatra/ Preetisha Mohapatra

2nd position: Chirag Sehgal/ Toshali Mohanty

3rd position: Sreejesh Das/ Shreya Singh

200mtrs Boys/Girls

1st position: Chinmaya Mishra/ Preetisha Mohapatra

2nd position: Ankit Sonful/ Shreya Singh

3rd position: Chirag Sehgal/ Nikita Sahoo

400mtrs Boys/Girls

1st position: Naman Panda/ Preetisha Mohapatra

2nd position: Kanha Agarwal/ Monalisha Patra

3rd position: Jayant Kumar Patra/ Snigdha Sahoo

800mtrs Boys

1st position: Naman Panda

2nd position: Ankit Sonful

3rd position: Samayak Sunder Das. S


4X100mtrs Relay Boys

1st position: Chirag Sehgal, Naman Panda, Subrat Sarangi, Rajdeep Kanungo

2nd position: Manish Kumar Mohanty, Sreejesh Das, Abinash Samal, Himanshu Padhee

3rd position: Shubham Mohapatra, Krishna Patel, Rukman Mahanta, Ankit Sonful


4X100mtrs Relay Girls

1st position: Toshali Mohanty, Preetisha Mohapatra, Snigdha Sahoo, Nikita Sahoo

2nd position: Krishna Kumari Pal, Sreelipta Rout, Sheetal Nayak, Aparajita Mishra

3rd position: Poonam Bal, Rajaashree Panda, Shreya Singh, Monalisa Patra


Long jump Boys/Girls

1st position: Subham Mohapatra/ Monalisha Patra

2nd position: Sreejesh Das/ Toshali Mohanty

3rd position: Chirag Sehgal/ Sreelipta Raut


High Jump Boys / Girls

1st position: Chirag Sehgal/ Toshali Mohanty

2nd position: Himanshu Padhee/ Poonam Bal

3rd position: Ankit Sonful/ Monalisha Patra

Discuss Throw Boys/Girls

1st position: Rukman Kumar Mahanta/ Smrutirekha Nayak

2nd position: Sidhartha Sarangi/ N. Trisnangi Changmai

3rd position: Sk. Danish Afridi/ Krishna Kumari Pal


Shot Put Boys/Girls

1st position: Subham Mohapatra & Samayak Sundar Das/ N. Trisnangi Changmai

2nd position: Priya Ranjan Mahala / Toshali Mohanty

3rd position: Abinash Samal/ Smrutirekha Naik


Tug Of War Boys/Girls

1st position: 3rd year students/ 2nd year students

2nd position: 1st year students/1st year students


See you all next year on the 4th edition of the SICC Olympics!!!

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