February 23rd, 2019 Posted by SICC Bhubaneswar
Friday Coffee with SICCian

“You can speak well if your tongue can deliver the message of your heart.” – John Ford

Public speaking training is the most important tool of communication in the grooming at the college level. It is an important skill to gain self confidence, improves the speaking, language and demonstrational skills.

The Academic Committee students of SAI International College of Commerce held a Friday Coffee Session on Friday, February 22, 2019 on the topic “100 years of Indian Cinema” as a part of their public speaking training session on a non academic topic.
The college witnessed a courageous effort from the First Year to Present on the same. There were three single presentations and one team presentation. The single ones included Nikhil Bharadwaj who presented on “Shift from black and white to color movies”, Omkar Ray, on “Stand of Bollywood in the Global Stage”, and Ritesh Kumar on “movies that made you cry”. The team presentation was by Trushita Mohapatra and Aditya pati on “Noteworthy Villains” of all times. The presentations were rich in content, decent and were crisp enough to captivate the audience.

The committee is looking forward to another session and a competitive participation by the students of all the batches.

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