We create an inspiring and motivating environment for the academic growth of the students and provide them with a thorough understanding of diverse subjects. The faculty is known for their expertise in various subjects and imparts practical knowledge as well. The college provides various opportunities to interact with experts from the world of finance and management as well as policy makers to enrich the learning process.To ensure students make headway in today’s competitive environment, talks, paper presentations and field visits are encouraged. SICC emphasizes on extracurricular activities along with ensuring academic excellence to bring about a holistic development of students, which is also the motto of the SAI International group.

Inculcating a Joy of Learning

Academic Ethos: The College is designed to function on an ethos which works towards the balanced development of body, mind, and soul. The students are provided with a rigorous, stimulating and enjoyable education, cultivating their capacity to think, learn, understand, and reflect, both on the world around them and their responsibilities within. It also helps in developing and maintaining their physical fitness, resilience, and self-reliance besides enhancing confidence and well-being.

Curriculum: The College follows the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) programme of education. The six Semester pattern is followed, offering specialization under three categories:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Financial Markets

Along with Business Research Methods and Project Work.

Learning Resource: At SICC, focus is on enhancing the requisite skills to align with the demands of the ever changing global scenario. As a learning community, the college provides an invigorating platform for the students to inculcate and refine their skills of entrepreneurship, leadership and social innovations through the process of inquiry, discovery, application, and creativity. The knowledge base of the students is enhanced by developing ‘work place competencies’ like communication, problem solving, creativity, and teamwork.

Beyond Classroom: SICC offers an extraordinary array of activities to enable and equip students to face the world with dignity and confidence. Students are taught cross-disciplinary skills to keep pace with rapid advances solve complex global challenges. To make learning more engaging and relevant, a wide assortment of challenging tasks and project based activities are conducted through music, drama, visual arts, design technology, spirituality, leadership, physical education and global education. Students gain a deep awareness and develop an understanding of planning, organization and risk management to diversify their set of competencies.

Well-Being: In response to the abilities, interests, attitudes, and goals, the Student Support Services provides an inclusive educational environment for each and every student, addressing the individual academic, social, emotional, health and behavioral needs.

Imbibing Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Regular brain storming exercises are conducted to encourage students to perceive situations in an open-minded manner, view or think from multiple angles to assess a problem and apply reason and logic to solve issues. Being open-minded allows students to have a wider perspective of the problem which gives them opportunities to create new possibilities in problem solving. This also motivates them to analyze all known information and take decisions based on facts or evidence and not on opinions or emotions.

Cultivating creativity and innovation: Creativity helps in enhancing the reflective capabilities of students in a purposeful way. Building creative skills in students has a long term positive effect, it transcends successfully from classroom to the office environs. It helps students to analyze their own potential, short comings and reinvigorate their thinking and problem solving skills.

Keeping pace with Global trends: In today’s world, there is a rising need for people who can work in a variety of environments and culture.  As businesses becomes more global and jobs more competitive, students look forward to gaining International exposure before embarking on their career. Partnership with overseas universities, interactions with eminent personalities from across the globe, aligned curricula as well as use of latest technologies and exposure in real world education are some of the strategies adopted by SICC to maximize students learning. Teachers at SICC are associated with leading universities for various research works on multiple projects in an attempt to develop a strong knowledge base for the benefit of students.

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