SICC has a repertoire of Alumni, from entrepreneurs to professionals with prestigious jobs to pursuing professional courses in renowned Universities as well as getting into start-up ventures.

The SICC Alumni family is encouraged to keep in touch with their alma mater and interact with students to broaden their gamut of knowledge on the contemporary professional scenario.

Manas Agarwal, Utkal University B.Com Topper in Management Honours (2017)

“You did not come this far to only come this far.” That’s what my teachers had told me on my first day at SICC, setting me off on an epoch-making journey. My three years at SAI International College of Commerce have been the most enjoyable and endearing part of my life till now. It was everything that you would expect from a college – classes, lectures, debates, sports, fun and frolic, events, celebration, friendship. Amidst all these, I learned the most valuable lessons of my life – dedication to work, commitment to goals, lessons of gratitude, values of integrity in character, importance of a good personality. But what I cherish the most about this college is love and affection embedded in its air and gracefully painted into every inch of its canvas that builds it into the perfect epitome of a Temple of Enlightenment.
When I first got the news of securing the top position in Management honours in Utkal University’s B.Com examination, my heart had no boundaries of exhilaration and delight. I immediately went to my college to share this great news and seek the blessings of Chairman Sir, Principal Sir and my teachers. The pride and elation in their beaming faces was beyond description. But one particular statement from them immensely moved me – “Manas, we were always confident that you as an alumni will make us shine in all your future achievements and glories but this stepping stone is telling us how fast your pace can be. We should be ready for more to come”. This instilled a spirit in me to crave for more and not just stop here.

It is not unusual to find the technical and materialistic support in any other college to be an achiever or topper. But the encouragement and the moral support from SICC’s pillars makes it unique and exclusive. Our revered Chairman Sir, Principal Sir and the teachers have left no stone unturned to make this place much more than a college, an ideal home for everyone. Their relentless guidance, care and trust in me helped me reach my goal. And I am sure; these will be the reasons for all my laurels yet to come.

I still treasure the words I was told on my first day here and will carry them with me till the end, thus benignly nudging my brain that when it comes to dreams, that even Everest is not the limit.
Thank you SICC for everything that I have learned from you.

Nikhil Bhushan Singh, Utkal University B.Com Topper in Accounting Honours, 2017

I was indeed very thrilled and excited to take admission at SICC because our batch was just the third batch of this college and we would be getting every opportunity to be trend-setters for the future generations to come.

As I am a keen lover of sports, I feel that my sportsman spirit was also evolved to even greater yardsticks at SICC. Every time I represented SICC at the University level for various sports like Volleyball, Football, Cricket, Badminton, Basketball, I realised what it feels like to be proud of one’s own educational institution. And today, I feel very privileged that SICC is my alma-mater. When I got the news of being the Accounting Honours Topper of Utkal University’s B.Com examination 2017, I was astonished to see how happy my teachers and juniors were for my achievement were. Where on earth will you find a place other than home where people are more excited than you are for your achievement?

My time in SICC has been really a memorable one throughout. It is true that I have spent only three years of my life here but this place has given me so much that my entire life is too short to repay it. It is here that I shaped my ambitions of being a Chartered Accountant and successfully cleared my CPT and IPCC (Grp –I) exams. It is also very disheartening for me to realise that my time in SICC is over now. Our Chairman Sir Dr. Bijoy Kumar Sahoo conscientiousness in taking the standard of commerce education to new heights in Odisha is the reason why SICC is unique from other colleges and educational institutions. And it is the sincere dedication of our Principal Sir and teachers’ that makes SICC edge on the extra mile for achieving many more glories.

I am extremely thankful to my teachers for being with me through thick and thin in studies and personal matters as well. I am sure they must have had a pretty tough time with my adamant and obstinate nature.

Aditya Vikram Didwania (2011-14)

My journey at SICC, I remember started one fine morning in June 2011, when I along with a few of my classmates had gone to visit Chairman Sir. We talked about our future prospects as we all had completed our Class XII Board exams and had no idea what to do, where to go and whom to approach. We shared our keenness of continuing with SAI if SICC was established within a week. It was and I joined along with a few of my friends. Though the college was new, we managed to hold each other’s hands and started moving ahead. The three year at SICC just flew. The best part of our college was our faculty, highly experienced, bold, expressive, energetic, enthusiastic, religious, holistic and last but not the least homely. Finally I would say, I have spent five years at SAI but never felt teachers as a teachers but rather as a guide, brother, friend and of course a parent.

My vision was clear as I knew I have to expand my family business. But the final step was completion of my Masters which I did from HULT University, London. After coming back I joined our business and moved to Balasore for a year to assess the present trend of market and people. At present I look after the Hero stockist division with an annual turnover of around 100cr.

Esha Goutam Choubey (2012-15)

I feel immense pleasure in writing about this institution which is so close to my heart. I joined SICC when it was only one year-old. With one senior batch, few members of faculty, we were indeed like a small happy family. Apart from making me feel at home, the College has always given its students innumerable opportunities to flourish and excel. The teachers have been extremely encouraging, the seniors have always been helpful and the classmates became friends-turned-family. This institution holds a very special place in my heart and shall always remain the same. It’s an honour and privilege to be an alumnus of SICC!

Tithi Pattnaik (2013-16)

SICC is not only a college but rather a place where I have seen myself changing from just a student to an all-rounder. It is a place where focus is not only given to academics, but also encourages students to excel in different fields in which they are good. SICC stands for inspiring students to expand their creativity and culture. The teachers, Principal Sir as well as Chairman Sir encourage us and provide hand-holding support at each moment to ensure our success. They are happy in our happiness. I will never regret my choice to study at SICC because those three years taught me many things and I will always be thankful for it. SICC was rocking, is rocking and will always rock. Hope could come back again to SICC.

Anis Das (2013-2016)

SICC a habit for a lifetime. When I joined SICC in 2013 the college was limited to just three rooms operating from SAI international School. It was not a college with hundreds of students enjoying the best time of their life. College was more of a family with fifty students in total and five teachers. We had to follow the rules and regulations of SAI international ‘School’ as the college was operating in the school campus. We have had lots of arguments, fights with our teachers regarding the college campus and all we used to hear from them was ‘within six months the construction will be completed’. Finally, after two and a half years when I was in my final year the ‘six months construction’ was over and we shifted to our “College” campus. I had the most amazing time in SICC, made friends for life, followed my passion for dance, learnt the meaning of teamwork and a lot more which cannot be expressed in words. When I passed out of college I never thought I will develop such an unusual bond with the institute. Each time I visit the college I walk down the memory lane and cherish some of the best moments of my life. The bond that I share right from the security officers, peons, juniors, super juniors, seniors, super seniors and with all the teachers who are a part or were a part of the institute is unbreakable. This bond is forever and no matter where I reach in life my equation with the SICC family will remain the same. I would love to go back to my college as a first-year student because I know I will have double the fun I had during my college days.

Purbi Saberi Mohapatra (2018)

“The three year at SICC passed with a blink of the eye. It was an honor to be a part of this revered institution which gave me an all-round development and transformed me into a newer being. The numerous extra-curricular activities that the college designed gave me a new dimension and honed my personal skills. I would like to thank all my faculties to have mentored and guided me and carved out the best of me. I would recommend SICC to all those who wish to pursue CA in future, SICC is the best place for all the academic support you need for clearing the CA examination and come out with flying colors. The three years spent here with fun and frolic will always be very precious to me and be embedded in my memory for a lifetime. “ Thank You SICC…

Sai Sibani Kar (2015)

I graduated from SAI International College of Commerce in the year 2015. The college has its own charm. SICC has created a matured self confident and a budding entrepreneur in me. Every exposure given to us has no doubt helped me grow and become a successful leader. Today I have joined my family business and heading the biggest sweet industry of Odisha. I will always be grateful to my collage for making my three years of graduation life memorable and the best learning period of my life which later helped me face all difficult situations with confidence. CHEERS TO OUR SICC.

Sriram Mandothia (2016)

Since my childhood, I always loved to critically analyze every song or film I come across and think of ways how it can be improved. My love for cinema led to the start of Parbati Productions through which I not only give shape to my imagination but also provided a platform to some immensely talented newcomers. My sources of inspiration are my family, teachers and friends who have always been there for me and have been my greatest pillars of strength. In the coming years, I not only see myself as a successful person providing great entertainment to people but also a better individual doing something substantial towards the development of the society.

Chandra Sekhar Pradhan (2018)

“SICC turned out to be a turning point in my life. Graduation is the phase that demarcates formative education and professional education. The culture & environment in SICC provided me with a conducive environment to plan & act on my future career plans.

SICC is one of the few colleges that focus on the overall development of students by motivating and constantly pushing them to try new fields explore their inner self. I personally discovered that I was good at poetry, debating and quizzing and this self discovery through the college platform had a radical impact on my personality by the end of the 2nd year I was more confident I had groomed my public speaking skills, the stage fear was gone. This paradigm shift in my personality not only helped me in my graduation years but also helped me in sailing my MBA journey smoothly.

My college played a major role in shaping me, its contribution to my character can’t be quantified or described. I am a proud alumnus of SICC. It not only gave me a graduation degree but some most precious memories to cherish for life.”

Yasmin Ambari (2018)

“My days at SICC were a perfect blend of joy and hardships. Here, you meet different people, interact with them, grow as a person which helps you learn important life skills. I involved myself not only in studies but also in various events and programs that SICC conducts throughout the year. It boosted and honed my creative skills and made me build a wonderful relationship with the teachers, who guided me in all respect. Now when memories rush into my mind, I can definitely say that here we get a wild melange of experiences that will stay intact in minds of all the SICCians.”

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