• Abhyarthana – In order to celebrate a new beginning of college life, every year SICC welcomes the newly inducted batch of undergraduates in a specially arranged function called ‘Abhyarthana’, with great thrill and excitement. It is an occasion each student looks forward to, which gives them a friendly atmosphere to break the ice between seniors and freshers as well as bond and mingle with each other.
  • Saviskara – To promote the inborn talent of the young SICC students, the cultural committee the SICC, Spandan holds a two-day Intra-College Cultural fest ‘Saviskara’. Various competitions like Dance, Music (instrumental and vocal), Stand-up Comedy and Drama are held in the two-day event on different themes every year. Saviskara brings joy, happiness and an aura of festivities with strong sense of ‘being the best’ in the two days.
  • Utsav – Utsav is the celebration held on the eve of Diwali where students enthusiastically adorn the campus with diyas and rangolis. It is strictly a safe and eco-friendly celebration where crackers are not burst and natural colours used for rangoli to spread the message of taking small steps to keep the environment pollution free. Students also visit orphanages to distribute toys, chocolates and cupcakes.
  • Teachers’ Day – Teachers Day is celebrated every year amidst fun-filled activities. Students start the day by paying obeisance to their teachers followed by a cultural programme.
  • SICC Business Conclave – SICC Business Conclave is a two-day event that intends to encourage and create an interest on Commerce education in the State as well as inculcate the spirit of entrepreneurship in the young mass.
  • Anunaada – Anunaada is a blessing ceremony conducted every year to wish good luck to the final year students for their upcoming examination and for all their future endeavours. Students are presented with an ‘Uttariya’ to acknowledge and honour their contribution towards SICC and with the Graduation Cap to celebrate their academic achievements.
  • Viharana – It is an interactive activity held outside the classroom where students get an opportunity to mingle with each other and strengthen the bonds. A day with peers and teachers outside the confines of the classroom and college has a great rejuvenating effect. It provides a welcoming environment where students of all the three batches sit together and share their entrepreneurial ideas, achievements and concerns. They have their lunch in the welcoming environment and enjoy themselves with song and dance.

Other major events and attractions:

  • Bioscope – Motivational movies are shown to students’ once every month to inspire them with leadership and Entrepreneurial ideas. This is followed by a movie review session to enhance their analytic and creative skills.
  • Visits to Retail Outlets – Students are taken for visits to various Retail outlets in Bhubaneswar like Pantaloons, Max Retail outlet, Bhubaneswar Central to give them an idea on the process of operation. They meet the staff of each department to gain in-depth knowledge things like selling strategies, selection of brands, advertising methods, stock analysis, floor management etc.

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