A well-equipped and well-stocked modern library helps in fostering intellectual growth at the same time advancing the mission of SICC to promote and create learners with permanence.

The Library has an extensive collection of books and is augmented on a continuous basis. The library is a collection of citations and works of eminent writers and authors in the field of Commerce and Education, which helps students, develop the research skills needed for academic success. It also is a pool of encyclopedia with well-stocked national and international magazines, periodicals, journals, and research papers in the hub that sustains, stimulates, generates, and rejuvenates the grey cells.

The library has all the relevant information, available at a click, for the emerging global managers, who go through the grind to equip themselves with right skills and expertise to achieve world class standards in various functional areas of management and IT. As a matter of policy, the Institute pays special attention to not only strengthening the library with additional books and journals, but also to ensure that they are utilized properly by the students both for their courses as well as to extend the frontiers of their general knowledge.

The Library has a computerized catalogue to find out the availability of books. It is kept open 24/7 for an easy access to the students. The well-classified and well-arranged books support students and staff for research, teaching and learning.

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