August 10th, 2019 Posted by SICC
The Mavericks 2019

“Achievement is talent plus preparation”  — Malcolm Gladwell

Mavericks the talk-show of SICC is annually organized by the student led Academic Committee. Its aim is to discover the aspects of a constructing a maverick – hustling, downfall and recover, peak of career, humanity, philosophy of life etc. Through interaction, it also brings forward one’s personal experiences relating to friendship, love, family, school and college life, hobbies and interests.

SICC held the Mavericks talk show on August 9, 2019 in the college auditorium. The Guest of Eminence for the show was Mrs. Sofia Firdous, Executive Director, Metro Builders.

Mrs. Sofia Firdous gave an important message to the students as a precursory observation of International Youth Day on the theme Transforming Education. She opinionated very aptly that the participation in Workshops, Conferences, Seminars, Interactive Sessions with leaders and corporate magnates are essential in the educational curriculum of any institute because it is in the training of minds beyond the boundary of books that the true essence of education lies.

The talk show was a very interactive wherein the students asked various question to the guest such as; With the removal of article 370, now it is possible for an Indian to buy a property in J&K. What will be the impact of it in real estate industry? Odisha being a cyclone prone area, it results in huge destruction of life and property, You being in real estate, How due to plan your real estate projects to be responsive to natural calamities? And how do you think an entrepreneur is expected to maintain mental stability in the kind of situations the CCD owner committed suicide? And many more such relevant questions were asked.

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