February 12th, 2019 Posted by SICC Bhubaneswar
Viharana 2019

“Every outing is a learning experience.”  — Drew Pomeranz

Students of SAI International College of Commerce went on a one day trip to Narayani for the annual fête champêtre – Viharana 2019, on February 9, 2019. It was a congenial and a pleasurable day out for the students as they could unwind and relax exploring and navigating the location with many photo opportunities for each other. They relished the food and loved the atmosphere with peers and teachers who are more like friends to them.

Viharana is an interactive activity held outside the classroom where students get an opportunity to mingle with each other and strengthen the bonds. A day with peers and teachers outside the confines of the classroom and college has a great rejuvenating effect. It provides a welcoming environment where students of all the three batches sit together and share their entrepreneurial ideas, achievements and concerns. They have their lunch in the welcoming environment and enjoy themselves with song and dance.


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